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Four vastly different heroes with powers rivaling a god come together to protect their adopted homeworld. The only problem? They hate one other. A part of the New Age of Heroes line of graphic novels, this is The Unexpected Vol. 1.

NEON THE UNKNOWN: An egotistical, blind magician. The only catch? He can only cast spells that create, not destroy.

VIKING JUDGE: A rich socialite turns hero when she becomes possessed by a ferocious Viking warrior from her family's past. She is gifted with newfound powers, but she also now has no idea who she is.

ASCENDANT: The abandoned half-human child of an Orck race that once ruled over Neanderthal man, he is now the sole survivor of his kind. A king without a kingdom, Ascendant must learn how to walk amongst his new teammates.

FIREBRAND: A military deserter turned into a monster by her former commander. With her incredible power activated by aggression, Janet Fals consantly fights her inner demons.

These flawed heroes will have to come together despite their differences. But will they destroy one other before that happens?

From acclaimed artist Ryan Sook (Superman: American Alien) and writer Steve Orlando (Justice League of America), The Unexpected adds a supernatural dimension to the New Age of Heroes publishing line! Collects issues #1-8.

The DC Universe just got bigger! In the New Age of Heroes, DC introduces a bold new line of comics starring a thrilling array of heroes--some you know, some you may have glimpsed in the pages of Dark Nights: Metal. They embody a spirit of epic, adventurous bravery--the kind you may remember from another era, but updated in an exciting way for today. Illustrated by DC's Master Class of artists, including legendary names like Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, John Romita Jr., Ivan Reis, Tony S. Daniel and others, these new series are great entry points for new readers and a welcome addition for longtime fans of the DC library.

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