Subscription FAQ

Got a question about our subcription service? This handy FAQ should help answer any questions you might have.
Don't see an answer to your question? feel free to contact us

How much will I be charged for each comic? 

Each book has a USD price attached, which we convert to AUD for your convenience. The current price breakdown is:
$3.99USD = $9.00AUD
$4.99USD = $11.00AUD
$5.99USD = $13.50AUD
$6.99USD = $15.50AUD
$7.99USD = $18.00AUD
$8.99USD = $20.00AUD
$9.99USD = $22.00AUD

Some variant covers are the same price as the main cover, but others like DC's cvr B & C are cardstock so will incur an extra cost.
Please refer to the pre-order pages to find out the price of each individual cover.*

Prices stated here are for pre-order/subscription books only, and does not reflect shelf prices.

*Please note that prices are subject to change with some variant covers ie: FOC, Unlockable, Ratio variants etc. 
Any price adjustments will be notified via e-mail upon approval of your pre-order.

Do I get any discounts if I order more comics?
Yes! if you subscribe/pre-order 10 or more comics per month, you will receive 10% off the already marked price of your books.

Will the store receive all variant covers to a comic when they are released or are they only be reserved for pre-orders?

Incentive Covers ( 1:10, 1:25 etc), Unlockable & Virgin covers all incur a higher cost and we can let you know on request the individual prices if you'd wish to order one.
We might get a couple of the variant cvrs for the shelves but only if we feel they are awesome and usually only 1 or 2. We don't not order incentive cvrs for the shelf unless we have hit the incentive.

The only way to ensure you do not miss a certain book/cover is to lock it in with a pre-order.
What are your shipping costs? 

Standard Shipping with weight under 5kg is a Flat Rate charge of $11.00  Australia wide. Transit time is up to 2- 8 Business Days

Standard Shipping with weight between 5kg–20kg is a Flat Rate charge of $20.00  Australia wide. Transit time is up to 2- 8 Business Days.

Express Shipping is a Flat Rate charge of $16.00 Australia wide. Transit time is up to 1-4 Business Days

Please allow up to 2 business days for processing for ALL orders
Transit time is up to 2- 8 Business Days thereafter.

Do shipping costs change depending on shipping option selected (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and what are the differences in cost?
Although Manage Comics offers you different shipping options on your orders, it does not affect how we send out your invoices each week, Which gives you the option to pay for shipping when you are ready.
Your invoice will continue to be added to if it remains unpaid, So if you delay paying your invoice until it reaches over $100 then you will be eligible for free shipping at that point.

When picking a comic to subscribe to, do you have the option to select which particular issues you want, or does it automatically subscribe you to the entire series?
Please note: Cvr C onward are pre-order only.
There is an option to change covers for an issue through manage comics. 

If you want to order a complete series, simply select subscription for the series. If you subscribe to cvr A of a book you will only receive cvr A. if you subscribe to cvr B you only receive cvr B. 
but if you only want certain issues or covers select pre order for that 1 book. 

Please note: Cvr C onward variants are pre-order only.
There is an option to change covers for an issue through manage comics if you require. 

Do you only get charged for the issues that you select to order?
You will only ever get charged for what you order or subscribe to, we would never just add books to your invoice without your request.

How is payment made on comic subscriptions? 
Each week a book you have ordered is released, you will be sent an invoice. This will arrive usually on the Monday prior to the books release date later in the week.
This invoice can be paid through our website by PayPal or credit card.
Or you can come in-store and pay it when you pick up your order.

Please Note: Invoices will accrue with each week that you have an order, so if left unpaid the total cost will continue to increase. We are unable to separate invoices upon payment so please bear that in mind when your invoices are issued.

How would I find out the total cost of an order (including shipping)?
The invoice will tell you the amount needed to be paid.
Postage will be added when you go through checkout to pay. 

Do graphic novel pre-orders work the same way as comic subscriptions/pre-orders?
Graphic novels can be pre ordered. If a graphic novel that you are wanting is not on manage comics, just let us know and we can add it to your pre-orders.

Can vouchers be used on comic subscription orders and other pre-orders?  
Yes you can use vouchers for payment for your subscription/ invoice, payment is through our website so payment options are the same as regular online orders.