About Us

Secret Headquarters is a family owned Comic Book and Collectables shop located in Melbourne, Victoria.
Starting in 2012 at Berwick's Akoonah Park Market every Sunday selling comics and collectables. SHQ opened up their own brick & mortar store in Beaconsfield in 2015, welcoming many new customers and building their comic book family.
Since then they have run many wonderful events to help support not only their community, but also embracing many local creators in the arts industry, with events including Free Comic Book Day, Halloween Comicfest, Movie Premiere nights and lots more!
The Secret HQ Team enjoy sharing their love of Comics and all things Nerdy with their store community, so feel free to check out our amazing choice of Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Manga, Young Adult books, Pop Culture products, comic supplies, Statues, toys and even a touch of Vintage goodness.