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Legendary talents team up for a jaw-dropping action-romp starring the baddest dudes in the TMNT universe: Raphael and Casey Jones. A must for adult Turtles collectors and anyone nostalgic for the grim 'n' gritty days of 90s comics.

After years out of print, a grindhouse-style classic returns--better than ever. Inspired by the magazine Heavy Metal and the films of John Woo, creators Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley present a much darker take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, spinning a pulse-pounding yarn of over-the-top action and more than a bit of the old ultraviolence. In gritty 1990s New York, our boys Raphael and Casey are swept up into an international plot murder, revenge, and assassination, complete with gangsters, thugs, cops, cyborgs, machine guns, and (of course) hockey sticks. Don't miss what might just be the longest-running gunfight in comic book history!

Collects Bodycount issues #1-4 in deluxe hardcover for the first time, with a new cover by Eastman & Bisley.

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