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Rory Regan was the lucky one. He escaped the mission with his life.

Now this battle-scarred war veteran has returned home, hoping to leave the guilt of his fatal raid on an ancient tomb behind him--along with the lives of all the friends and comrades he lost in the process.

But from the sands of Israel to the streets of Gotham City, the horror has followed him home. Now the souls of the slain are wrapping Rory in supernatural armor, calling on him to avenge their deaths and defend his people from demonic invasion.

He is no longer Rory Regan. He is...Ragman.

And he'd better get used to it fast, because the war he fought in the Middle East is nothing compared to the apocalypse that awaits Gotham should he fail. He'll need to adapt to the incredible new powers of his awesome Suit of Souls--and figure out who he can trust, be they angel or demon--or nothing will be left but rags and ashes...

From the acclaimed creative team of Ray Fawkes (Justice League Dark) and Inaki Miranda (Catwoman) comes a bold new reimagining of one of DC Comics' greatest cult heroes that bridges war, horror, fantasy, and the world of the superhero: Ragman!

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