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The far-out Fantastic Four join the hard-hitting Marvel Knights imprint! The FF must regroup to overcome the one threat their incredible powers cannot defeat - bankruptcy! And when Reed, Sue and Ben take Franklin on a camping trip to the Pine Barrens, what they find is a strange creature that may well be the Jersey Devil! While New York freezes in the icy grip of winter, an old foe resurfaces with a grudge: Namor! But soon the team's deepest fears and doubts are spreading from their dreams to the waking world. Their old villain Psycho-Man may hold the key, but he's...dying?! And blind sculptress Alicia Masters has her sight restored -but at what cost? Plus, witness the ultimate Thing/Hulk battle -it's a knock-down, drag-out slobber knocker that will rattle your molars! COLLECTING: MARVEL KNIGHTS 4 1-14, HULK/THING: HARD KNOCKS 1-4

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