Stranger Things Library Edition Volume 3 (Graphic Novel)



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Stranger Things is not only about 80’s rock, D&D, high school heartbreak, or even monsters from another dimension. It is about brave kids standing up for what they believe in and fighting for their friends and family no matter what. This hardcover collection brings together two stories about just that.Tomb of Ybwen is set in January 1985, after the Hawkins crew survived a battle with the Mind Flayer. Will and Joyce are reeling from Bob Newby’s death. Will’s friends have been too busy with their girlfriends to notice him struggling. After Mr. Clarke and Will discover an odd map Bob left in a box of A.V. club memorabilia, Will rallies the gang to investigate—but with a blizzard coming, they’re afraid to follow. But when Will takes off into the freezing wilds alone they rush to stop him and just as they catch up –discover that Bob’s map may lead to a real hidden treasure and that turning back is no longer an option.Get the first three Stranger Things Holiday Specials all in one package. With stories that are both heartwarming and terrifying. Three separate stories good for any season: Eleven gets introduced to everyones favorite Christmas stories. Will tells the other boys the scariest Hawkins Halloween story ever, and officers Powell and Callahan investigate strange events they will be lucky to survive.Collects Tomb of Ybwen #1–#4 and Holiday Specials Halloween, Winter, and Summer.

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