X-Cellent: Unsocial Media



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Peter Milligan and Michael Allred conclude their mutant celebrity saga! Zeitgeist is still on a mission to achieve social media godhood, no matter who he has to kill! But the spotlight won't be big enough when the next generation of the X-Statix drops in! The public is going gaga for them, but does their goal of reaching stardom justify their methods? And can Zeitgeist make his way back into the mainstream? Or is he totally washed up? A last-ditch plan to prevail leads to a vicious cyber attack, revealing the darkest secrets of X-Statix to the public! Will this dirty laundry be what finally tears the team apart? Will any of them suffer the consequences? Plus: Venus Dee Milo returns, and the status quo is shaken up once again. Collecting THE X-CELLENT (2023) #1-5.

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