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Meet Lou Rossi—a Generation X slacker—out of step with the rave culture of Miami, 1990. Freelance newspaper artist, aspiring author, 21-year-old virgin, and...amateur detective. What begins as a fairly hum-drum narrative, slowly builds into an exciting story of a young man hell-bent on tracking down the woman who he's recently, and quite quickly, fallen in love with—the young and beautiful Janet Laughton, a Texan-born gal new to the wilds of Florida. Where could she be? Did someone kidnap her? If so, was it her recent ex-boyfriend, Earl Beacon? Or her previous ex-boyfriend, Cliff Terhune? Does she love Lou as he loves her? Or is he only stalking Janet just as her two previous boyfriends once had? Find out in the newest series by SHE WOLF & SPY SEAL author, Rich Tommaso.

Collects DRY COUNTY #1-5

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