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In 1967, a blazingly talented young artist helped bring the strange adventures of Deadman to life--and redefined what comics could do. Now Neal Adams has reunited with this haunting hero to solve the mystery of his murder once and for all!

Boston Brand was just a circus performer when an assassin cut him down in his high-flying prime. Given an eerie afterlife as the spectral superhero called Deadman, he has the power to possess the living in order to fight for justice...and find his own killer.

But the conspiracy behind his death goes deeper than Deadman knows.

Now, with the help of allies from this world and beyond, including the Batman, Deadman will follow the trail to its infernal source: the League of Assassins and its immortal mastermind, Ra's al Ghul.

Dive into an all-new investigation into the DC Universe's dark side. Written and illustrated by Neal Adams (Batman), Deadman collects the entire six-issue mini-series!

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