Bad Machinery Vol. 7: The Case of the Forked Road, Pocket Edition

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From the bestselling author of Giant Days comes the latest pocket-sized volume in his beloved Bad Machinery series! 

Time is a fickle creature, especially when there's wormhole in the science cupboard. When a strange boy who seems far too entranced by cell phones appears, it's up to Lottie, Shauna, and Mildred to figure out his strange purposes. The Case of the Forked Road, the seventh book in John Allison's award-winning Bad Machinery series, finds our young sleuths facing the intricacies of time and space itself. What is their science teacher hiding? Who is the mysterious Calvin, why is he dressed like it’s 1960, and why is he obsessed with Communists? And another thing: just what is going on with Jack, Sonny, and Linton? Includes a slipcover so that this volume can fit horizontally on the shelves with the rest of the series!

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