The All-Nighter Volume 2

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Welcome to The All-Nighter, the only diner in town run by covert superheroes (who are also secretly vampires).In the wake of Ian’s disappearance, tensions are running high at the diner. Alex and Joy are stuck covering shifts when they’d rather be out fighting bad guys. To make things worse, people start disappearing just as a new superhero team arrives in town—could the two be related?What if they’re dealing with something bigger and more dangerous than super villains—and what if Alex’s decision to become Nightshock put it all in motion?From Chip Zdarksy and Jason Loo, the Eisner award-winning team behind Afterlift, comes the second chapter of the acclaimed series about found family and a new twist on superheroes!Collects The All-Nighter #6–#10, originally published by Comixology Originals.

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