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The Outlaws never thought things would look this bad, as Jason Todd gives in to his addiction to Venom in order to find the missing Starfire in Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 2: Prince of Gotham!

Jason Todd is the new proprietor of the Penguin's Iceberg Lounge, Gotham's most notorious floating casino/crime front. Hiring the Sisters Su as his security and former Teen Titan Bunker as his second-in-command, Jason Todd announces to the world that he is leaving his past behind and going legit. But if that's the case, why is he keeping the Penguin locked up as his prisoner? Is this Jason's masterstroke in his efforts to infiltrate the criminal underworld and take them down from within or has he finally crossed the line from pretend villain to actual criminal mastermind?

Writer Scott Lobdell (Nightwing) and artist Pete Woods (Justice League) take the Red Hood from vigilante outlaw to entrepreneur in Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 2: Prince of Gotham, a story where nothing is as it seems. Collecting Red Hood: Outlaw #32-36 and Annual #3.

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