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L.A. was once the City of Angels, but that was before the Great Quake came and shattered everything about her that was civilized. In the aftermath, two new cities grew up from the rubble—one of gleaming towers and untold luxury for the haves, and one of barbed wire and grinding misery for the have-nots.

Ringed by high walls and merciless guards, New Angeles is now an island of wealth in a sea of poverty. Outside its borders, a new generation of Angelenos fights for scraps in the rubble while trying desperately to find a way through the fences. Inside, the privileged few have refined their brutality and fused it with old Hollywood’s greatest invention: celebrity culture.

Broadcast in ultra-high definition, biomechanically enhanced gladiators known as Suiciders battle to the death in high-tech arenas. Their duels are a visceral reminder to the world of the power wielded by New Angeles’ corporate masters.

For rich and poor alike, the Suiciders are legends. But like the city they inhabit, their glory is built on a graveyard—and as those bodies rot, the foundations they carry threaten to crack and splinter back into chaos.

Acclaimed creator Lee Bermejo weaves a stunning new vision of dystopia in THE COMPLETE SUICIDERS: THE BIG SHAKE, collecting the Vertigo miniseries SUICIDERS (written and illustrated by Bermejo) and SUICIDERS: KINGS OF HELL.A. (written by Bermejo and illustrated by Alessandro Vitti and Gerardo Zaffino).

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