Thor Epic Collection: Hel On Earth



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Collects Thor (1966) #476-490, Thor Annual (1966) #19, material from Avengers Annual (1967) #23. Who is Don Blake?! For years, Thor thought "Blake" was a mortal guise created by Odin - so how is he standing here, alive and well? The all-powerful Destroyer interrupts Thor's quest for answers - but when he finally confronts Odin, he finds another Thor waiting for him! Red Norvell is back - but why? And can Odin's shocking revelations about Blake be believed? Thor rejoins the High Evolutionary's cosmic conflict - but when Kurse returns, manipulated by an old foe and backed by a squad of undead allies, Thor is in for a battle that might destroy New York City! Can the Hulk help Thor fight his way to Hel and back? Plus: Thor battles the Thing and War Machine! And Loki and Pluto team up to kill Thor and Hercules!

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