Rogue State #3 Cover B Jasmin Darnell Variant



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Who is Vya of Brightstars? "The spiritual successor to Calexit... Matteo Pizzolo returns to dystopian political thrillers with a new series set in a revolutionary future America... a hyper-extrapolated, sideways glance at some very real-world anxieties." -io9 "The tale of a near future army of young vigilantes resisting a paramilitary police state after the Supreme Court rules that militias are Constitutionally protected." -Deadline From writer Matteo Pizzolo (CALEXIT, GODKILLER) and artist Carlos Granda (PIROUETTE, CALEXIT: SAN DIEGO), comes this tale of rebelling against tyranny, reconquering stolen land, punching fascists in the face, and building a better nation.

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