If you’d like to start a standing order with us, please fill in the standing order form by downloading the link below and email it through to



What is a Standing Order?

A Comics Standing Order is like a subscription service, where you let us know which comic book series//titles you would like to order on a regular basis. 
Whether you pick up your comics in-store or by mail order, setting up a Standing Order will ensure that you will never miss out on the titles that you want to read and collect.
Each month, your selected titles are ordered and then put aside for you to collect  when the weekly shipments arrive, and you will be notified by email the week prior to your books arriving.

How to start a Standing Order?

To start your standing order, simply download the order form from the above link, read through and accept the standing order terms and conditions, and fill in your personal details along with the list of comic titles that you wish to collect.
Once you have filled everything out, send back your form (you can do this either in-store, or via email) and we will take care of the rest.

Each week, when new comics are released, we will put aside any comics that are on your list for you, and let you know that they are in-store.
If you have noted for your books to be posted out to you, they will be done so as directed on your standing order form ie; weekly, fortnightly, monthly.
We will do everything we can to ensure that your standing orders are kept up to date, but please be aware that you need to be very specific when choosing your standing order titles, taking into consideration annuals, specials, crossovers, mini-series and other related titles.
We place our orders 2-3 months in advance in line with the distributors Final Order Cutoff (FOC) of release, so please check in and update your standing order frequently. 
You can find out about all new releases by checking the Previews book in-store, or go to
f you have any other questions, please do no hesitate to get in contact with us and we will answer your questions as best as possible.