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A new host of deadly deities is on the march, blazing a path of doom and destruction throughout the cosmos. They are the Dark Gods, forged in the fires of the Dark Multiverse. They are on their way to Earth, where all must bend the knee...or perish.

But not if Wonder Woman can help it.

To defeat these terrifying new intruders, Diana will stop at nothing. She'll turn to the Greek gods who gave her incredible powers--then take to the spaceways herself, wielding the violet light of the Star Sapphires against her foes. 

Meanwhile, on Earth, the World's Greatest Heroes are falling one by one, leaving only Diana's brother Jason to face the horde. Can the Amazon Princess and her brother overthrow the Dark Gods' reign of terror? Or has the Dark Night come for Wonder Woman at last?

Find out in Wonder Woman Vol. 8: Dark Gods--as writer James Robinson (Starman) and his pantheon of artists Stephen Segovia (Red Hood and the Outlaws), Jesus Merino (Action Comics) and more explode from the pages of the blockbuster Dark Nights: Metal event! Collects Wonder Woman #46-50 and Annual #2!

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