Flash Vol. 8: Zoom

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He’s used his incredible powers to bring peace to the Gem Cities, but Barry Allen—a.k.a. the Flash—is far from at peace himself. Years ago, his mother was murdered, and his father Henry was convicted of the crime. Believing him innocent, Barry has spent his life hoping to catch the real killer and searching for the evidence that could set his father free.

Now, finally, Barry has been able to identify the murderer, a mysterious stranger called Eobard Thawne. But soon the Flash will know his nemesis by another name entirely:


The creative team of Robert Venditti (GREEN LANTERN), Van Jensen (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) and Brett Booth (TEEN TITANS) reignite one of the most heated feuds in superhero history in THE FLASH VOL. 8: ZOOM, collecting THE FLASH #41-47 and THE FLASH ANNUAL #4.

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