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Three of the main characters from 2016's blockbuster film Suicide Squad are featured here in the graphic novel SUICIDE SQUAD MOST WANTED- BOOMERANG/KILLER CROC/AMANDA WALLER!

The U.S. Government has taken their prisoners--the worst of the worst--and put them on Task Force X, a team of villains aon missions so dangerous, they're suicide. Amanda Waller, the woman in charge, has hand-selected her members, two of which are two of the most lethal, psychotic superhumans on the planet- Killer Croc and Boomerang! These three now star in their own solo stories as each is separated from the Squad!

Prepare for Summer 2016's biggest blockbuster film with SUICIDE SQUAD MOST WANTED- BOOMERANG/KILLER CROC/AMANDA WALLER, written by Jai Nitz and Michael Moreci, graduates of the DC Writers Workshop program!

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