Smallville Season 11 Vol. 7: Lantern

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The world of the hit TV series Smallville continues to expand as Clark Kent becomes the newest recruit in the Green Lantern Corps! 

When a power ring seeks Clark out to be the new Green Lantern protector of the Kryptonian colony on Argo, Clark will have to turn to Earth’s Green Lantern, John Stewart, to learn to harness his new abilities. But the presence of two Green Lanterns on Earth has awakened something terrible...and now Parallax has set its sights on Superman! 

Bryan Q. Miller (TV’s Smallville) and artist Marcio Takara (THE FLASH) bring the cosmic side of the DC Universe to the world of Smallville, and the results are explosive!

Collects SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 #1-4 and SPECIAL #4.

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