Sinestro (2014-2016) Vol. 2: Sacrifice

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Across the Universe ring bearers from all the different Lantern Corps are being hunted by the New Gods of New Genesis...and that includes the Yellow Lanterns! In order to survive, all the Lanterns need to band together. Even Sinestro, back in charge of the Yellow Corps, must put aside his hatred of the Green Lantern Corps when the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that Sinestro should be the one in charge of the Yellow Lanterns. The alien conqueror known as Mongul is back, and he wants to wrest leadership of the Corps from Sinestro’s cold, dead hands. But the master of fear doesn’t fear gods or rivals. All he wants is to protect his people. And to do that, Sinestro is ready to induct a new member into his Corps...and the yellow ring may just make her the most fearsome being in the universe! Writer Cullen Bunn (LOBO) is joined by a cast of all-star artists, including Ethan Van Sciver (GREEN LANTERN: SINESTRO CORPS WAR), Dale Eaglesham (SECRET SIX) and Brad Walker (ACTION COMICS) as Sinestro is pulled into the fight of his life. Collects SINESTRO #6-11 and SINESTRO ANNUAL #1.

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