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Reeling from the tragic events of Sideways Vol. 1: Steppin' Out, Derek rejects his family and friends to help the Seven Soldiers find a missing member lost in the Dark Multiverse in Sideways Vol. 2!

When high school student Derek James fell into the netherworld known as the Dark Multiverse and returned with the power to create rifts in the fabric of space, he had no idea what he was getting into--literally! Sure, he became Internet famous, but he also wound up attracting the attention of sinister forces out to downvote him and the people he loves...permanently.

So, when tragedy strikes, Sideways strikes out on his own. 

Joining forces with the motley crew of superheroes called the Seven Soldiers, he must journey back into the Dark Multiverse to rescue a missing member. What Sideways and his new allies find is weirder--and deadlier--than they ever could have imagined.

And even if Derek survives the journey, the truth behind the terrible crime that rocked his world must still be uncovered. Can Sideways crack the case and save his skin, or will he slip into darkness for good?

DC publisher Dan DiDio is joined by comics legend Grant Morrison to pen this brash young hero's final chapter, drawn by Kenneth Rocafort, Max Raynor, and more. 

Collects Sideways #7-13 and Annual #1.

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