Justice League: Darkseid War - Power of the Gods



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When a god falls, new gods are born. Darkseid has been defeated, killed by the Anti-Monitor. Out of this monster’s death, a new set of gods has risen—Earth’s Justice League, transformed by new abilities they’ve never imagined.

Life and death, all the knowledge and power in the universe are the Justice League’s tools to wield. They can reshape the world with just a thought, but their new gifts come with a hefty price. If Earth’s greatest heroes can’t find their way back to their humanity, they may bring about their own destruction…

Justice League: Darkseid War issues: Batman, Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, The Flash, Superman, Shazam!

An all-star creative team featuring Peter J. Tomasi (SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN), Tom King (GRAYSON), Steve Orlando (MIDNIGHTER), Francis Manapul (BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS), Rob Williams (MARTIAN MANHUNTER), Doc Shaner (CONVERGENCE: SHAZAM), Scott Kolins (LARFLEEZE), Fernando Pasarin (GREEN LANTERN CORPS), Jesus Merino (FUTURES END) and more presents the Justice League like you’ve never seen them before…with the power of gods!

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