Immortal Ascension #1 (Of 2) Cover A Rossi



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What if an Elektra type of character was thrown in an arcade game fighting style adventure? She'd be the GodKiller! Gear up for an epic tale of redemption and combat! Meet Rose, once known as the GodKiller, a fierce warrior who's seen it all - from brutal beatdowns to painful punishments. Now seeking peace and solitude, she's about to face her biggest challenge yet! As a master of the art of combat, she'll need to level up and rescue her students from the monstrous Hell Ghouls gang. The comic debut of American writer, cinematographer and musician David Chisa, with art and color by Argentine storyteller Kristian Rossi (IDW, Marvel, DC Comics), Immortal Ascension will take readers on a wild ride, with action-packed scenes that will have them button mashing for more! This the ultimate beat them up for comic book collectors! With covers by Kristian Rossi and fan favorite artist Bella Rachlin (over 146K followers on Instagram!)

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