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Tony Stark has created the most advanced suit of armor yet: one with artificial intelligence! The suit moves on its own, fights on its own - and makes decisions on its own. The new Iron Man has none of Tony's weaknesses...except for Rumiko Fujikawa, the woman Tony loves. The suit loves her too...and so, for it to take over Tony's life and "become" him for good, there's one more thing that has to happen: Iron Man must kill Tony Stark! Plus: Iron Man discovers the technologically advanced Sons of Yinsen, worshippers of the man who helped Tony invent his very first armored suit. But when he learns that his first foe, Wong Chu, still lives, Iron Man must team with the Sons to shatter Wong Chu's empire!

COLLECTING: Iron Man (1998) 1/2, 26-32; Iron Man Annual 2000

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