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The war between Batman and Ra's al Ghul takes unexpected turns--with consequences far beyond the Earth!

When Wayne Manor provides no safety for the Dark Knight's closest confidants, Batman needs help from some familiar allies to reclaim his home. And as the Titans and the Red Lantern Corps get caught up in the intrigue, both teams find themselves in need of new members. With the stakes getting even higher, Metron of the New Gods warns that the end of the universe is at hand, courtesy of a more-powerful-than-ever Starro the Conqueror. Only one hero may be able to turn the tide, so now it's up to Lobo to keep Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes alive long enough to change the fate of the entire universe!

Writer Tom Taylor (All-New WolverineX-Men: Red) and artists Xermanico (Arrow), Daniel Sampere (Green Arrow) and Bruno Redondo (Batman: Arkham Unhinged) raise the stakes even higher in the wide-reaching universe of the best-selling fighting game. Collecting the thrilling stories from Injustice 2 #25-30.

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