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Before his acclaimed relaunches of Superman, Action Comics, Young Justice and Dial H for Hero...before his triumphant successes with Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-Man, Invincible Iron Man and Jessica Jones...before his groundbreaking original series Powers, Scarlet, Cover and Pearl...

...Brian Michael Bendis was a hungry young cartoonist about to take his first step into the shark-filled swimming pool that is the American motion picture industry. The harsh lessons that he learned along the way--and the unforgettable people that he met--are set down for the ages in Fortune and Glory, his hilarious autobiographical account of Hollywood development hell.

Written and illustrated by Bendis and colored by Matthew Wilson, Fortune and Glory invites readers to gaze in wonder at the dizzying varieties of stupidity displayed by studio executives, and to share in the enthralling mood swings and ego nosedives of a small-time comic book creator as he rides the emotional roller coaster of freelance film production.
This comprehensive trade paperback edition includes the complete story from the original three-issue miniseries and features an introduction from comics and animation legend Paul Dini as well as a wealth of promotional art and interviews straight from Bendis' archives.

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