Sold Out

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The Flash must unravel the secrets behind the new forces he discovered in the midst of the Flash War! Do the Sage Force, the Still Force and the Strength Force hold the key to restoring the Flash's world? Or do they pose an even greater threat?

The aftermath of the Flash War has left the Flash's world turned upside down, with allies few and far between. Time-lost future cop Commander Cold is an unreliable partner at best, but Barry needs his help facing the high-flying Para-Angels and Rogues Trickster and Heat Wave, especially when the Strength Force and the Sage Force transform the villains into deadlier, twisted versions of their former selves. But will Cold be able to turn the tide when the Strength Force wreaks an unexpected change on the Flash himself?

Writer Joshua Williamson (Justice League vs. Suicide Squad) and artists Christian Duce (Detective Comics) and Scott Kolins (Blue Beetle) unleash the Forces in The Flash Vol. 9: Reckoning of the Forces, collecting The Flash (2016) issues #52-57.

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