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Joe Chamberlain made a deal with the devil. But it came with a price. Now cursed with the otherworldly power he sets out with his sister Annie to see if his curse can ever be broken. Or if his ultimate destiny lies with The Curse of Brimstone.

Joe Chamberlain was a small-town kid like any other--and his small town was dying. To save it, he made a deal with the devil.

Tapping into the power that nearly destroyed the DC Universe inDark Nights: Metal, Joe found himself cursed with the power of a demonic entity called Brimstone, with all its fire and destruction at his fingertips.

But Joe has discovered that Brimstone's dark flame burns both ways. He and his sister Annie have become a magnet for magical forces good, evil, and all points in between, attracting the attention of:

Bel Dame, an omnipotently infernal force with an army of the dead at her command.

Doctor Fate, the Lord of Order, whose mystical helmet could be the key to even more terrifying powers.

John Constantine, the streetwise sorcerer who needs Joe and Annie's help to stop a cult's killer ritual.

Swamp Thing, whose connection to the power of the Green has been placed in jeopardy.

The Salesman, whose supernatural deals always come with an impossible price.

Joe will need to find out who amongst this cadre of supernatural heroes and villains will help him in his mission. Can Joe keep the power of Brimstone in check long enough to save his hometown, his sister, and his sanity?

Discover the answer as this terrifying saga concludes in The Curse of Brimstone Vol. 2: Ashes, from writer Justin Jordan and an array of today's hottest artists, including Eduardo Pansica and Denys Cowan! Collects the Curse of Brimstone #7-12 and Annual #1.

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