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The sequel to the thrilling Batman and the Justice League Vol. 1--all in manga style!

Rui has learned the truth about his parents' disappearance, but the fight for his family has only just begun. The Joker and Lex Luthor's gambit to harness the magical powers of the ley lines underneath Gotham City is underway, and now they've recruited a new ally to their scheme: Ocean Master! 

While Batman and the Justice League fight to keep The Joker at bay, Aquaman must go head-to-head with his brother to keep Gotham City from being washed away. But it's Rui and his mother who may hold the key to stopping the mystical plot once and for all--if they can only figure out how! 

Mangaka Shiori Teshirogi (Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas) creates an exciting new story that combines an authentic Japanese comics approach with these iconic American characters. Currently serialized in the Japanese monthly Champion Red, the next four chapters of this groundbreaking series are collected here in Batman and the Justice League Vol. 2

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