Batman Hush 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition HC

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One of the most important and critically acclaimed graphic novels of all time is now presented in a deluxe hardcover edition, including many of the extras and bonus materials from ABSOLUTE BATMAN- HUSH.a

BATMAN- HUSH 15TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION presents the original graphic novel in hardcover, a story that pits the Dark Knight against a city overrun with its legendary villains. As the likes of the Joker, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and more throw Batman's life into chaos, little do they know they have become pawns to the enigmatic Hush in an elaborate game of revenge against Bruce Wayne.

This truly unforgettable story by two of comics' top talents, writer Jeph Loeb (BATMAN- THE LONG HALLOWEEN, SUPERMAN/BATMAN) and artist Jim Lee (JUSTICE LEAGUE- ORIGIN, SUPERMAN UNCHAINED), presents the Dark Knight's most personal case yet! Collects BATMAN #609-619, along with Jim Lee's pencil pages and concept designs, sketches and script pages from writer Jeph Loeb and more!

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