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Not even a one-man army like Batman can wage war on crime on his own. With the help of longtime allies and reformed enemies alike, he's brought together the greatest team of crime-fighters Gotham City has ever seen.

Now it's all falling apart.

The muckraking young hero Spoiler nearly destroyed herself while trying to expose corruption among Gotham's vigilantes. Will the mysterious radical called Anarky be her saviour…or her downfall?

Some call Tim Drake--a.k.a. Red Robin--Batman's greatest pupil. But can he fight his way free of the most inescapable prison in the universe? And what will he bring home to Gotham if he does?

The tormented shape-shifter Clayface has turned his life around, becoming Batman's most powerful ally. How long can he keep the pieces of his shattered psyche together before evil emerges from the muck once again?

And as Batwoman, Bruce Wayne's cousin Kate Kane may be the most formidable hero in Gotham this side of Batman himself. What will she do when their epic battle forces her to make a decision she can never take back?

Batman: Detective Comics: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 3 collects issues #963-973 and Annual #1 from writer James Tynion IV and an elite team of artists!

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