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Clark Kent is not ready to be a hero. But he has no choice. The time has come for him to choose between fear and hope...between ordinary and extraordinary...between man and Superman.

Clark Kent has come to Metropolis like any other small-town boy chasing his dreams. Grabbing any work he can find, he struggles to become a reporter for the Daily Planet like his journalistic idol Lois Lane...and to figure out a way to use his incredible hidden powers to help the city he loves.

Yet someone else has come to Metropolis with far more sinister plans in mind. Using cutting-edge technology, this unknown terrorist aims to bring the city to its knees...and remake it in his own egomaniacal image.

DC Comics proudly presents legendary writer Marv Wolfman's tale of the Man of Steel's earliest days as a superhero, beautifully illustrated by the renowned Claudio Castellini.

Man and Superman Deluxe Edition collects the complete saga, remastered by Castellini with an introduction by Wolfman, and an extensive behind-the-scenes section curated by both writer and artist. Nearly ten years in the making, this edition explores the evolution of the story and art for this modern classic as Wolfman and Castellini take you on a journey through their process. Also collects the complete script for the first chapter by Wolfman.

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